Kimber Z Smith has been providing quality legal services in Arvada Colorado since 1978.

When making a choice for civil legal representation, Kimber Smith is one of the best in Colorado.

Business Law

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Bring clarity to complex business issues and guides business owners as they navigate the legal maze of doing business. If you are looking for help with a start-up, buying a business or franchise, or expanding an existing business into new markets we are the experts.

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Bankruptcy is scary, we get it. It’s a big decision, and often a necessary one. Bankruptcy affects your future credit, your reputation, and your sense of self; however, it can also greatly improve your current quality of life as it stops the collection calls and letters.

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Civil Litigation

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When it comes to the law, it pays to have experienced legal counsel you can trust. If you want effective action in all matters of the law, from litigation to wills/trusts. Lets put our experience to work for you to get you the results you deserve.

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